Mobile Crash Barrier ProTec 100 – T1 / W1 / ASI A and T3 / W2 / ASI A

ProTec 100 – our Bestseller.

Mobile crash barriers in roadworks clearly enhance traffic safety. Their containment capacity prevents road users from leaving the carriageway and colliding with oncoming traffic, while also providing safe working conditions on site.

The mobile crash barrier ProTec 100 with a very narrow structural width of only 25 cm and a weight of 124 kg per meter is an ideal addition to the proven portfolio of ProTec products. Given the positive echo to the mobile road restraint systems ProTec 120 and 160, the Berghaus development engineers have created a crash barrier that builds on and even supplements the known advantages of the ProTec systems.

No matter what your particular application is, mobile crash barriers in the ProTec family always put you on the safe side!

Advantages of the ProTec 100 at a glance:

• positive appraisal and approval by BASt
• narrow structural width needs minimum space requirements
• force-fit transitions available for all ProTec systems
• repair elements for swift reconstruction after an accident
• rubber-based stands protect the road surface
• reflectors mounted in protected recess 
• generous water drainage opening under the crash barrier 
• no risk of aquaplaning or of dirt accumulating in front of the crash barrier 
• no start or end anchoring necessary 
• system with successfully tested tipping length limitation (KLB element) 
• quick and easy installation

Technical data ProTec 100

Impact test

Acceptance test: TB 21 + TB 41
Test date: 03.05.2011
Containment level: T1/T 3
Test location: TÜV Süd, Munich
Minimum installation length: 137 m
Ground anchoring: no

System description

Material: steel and concrete
Height: 0,56 m
Element length: 6,00 m
Structural width: 0,25 m
Planning width: 0,12 m
Weight per m: 124 kg

Test conditions

Test vehicle: car 1,3 t; impact angle 8°; 80 km/h
  truck 10 t; impact angle 8°; 70 km/h

Test results

T3: dyn. deflection 0,55 m + structural width 0,25 m = 0,8 m (corresponds to effective range W2)
ASI value: 0,2 (A)
T1: dyn. deflection 0,25 m + structural width 0,25 m = 0,5 m (corresponds to effective range W1)
ASI value: 0,2 (A)

Test reports

Test reports ProTec 100: BASt 2011 7E 56
Test reports reflektor element: BASt V4-64/2010


PT 1000
Standard element 6 m

Standard element 6 m

Start/end element

Start/end element

Dilatation element

Dilatation element

Tipping length limitation (KLB element)

Tipping length limitation (KLB element)


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