Mobile crash barrier systems ProTec


Peter Berghaus GmbH is not just a long-standing developer and producer of mobile crash barriers: in cooperation with the partner companies of the AVS Traffic Safety Group, the company is also in a position to offer full service covering all aspects of mobile crash barriers.

The range of services includes:
• Hiring (throughout Europe)
• Hire purchase (throughout Europe)
• Assembly and dismantling of steel crash barriers (throughout Europe)
• Maintenance and servicing of steel crash barriers
• 24h emergency service

Our partner companies in the AVS Group are represented throughout Germany at seventeen service points; thanks to their special fleet, up to 3,000 meters of crash barriers can be installed by one gang every day.



ProTec 50 City –
or safe urban roadworks.

ProTec 50 –
the lightweight crash barrier.

ProTec 100 –
our Bestseller.

ProTec 120 –
the compact crash barrier.

ProTec 121 –
with an outstanding effective range.

ProTec 160 –
for high roadwork safety.

ProTec-Tor 50 –
quick access for emergency services.

ProTec-Tor 120 –
quick access for emergency services.