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The flexibility of steel combine with the stability of concrete

ProTec Mobile Crash Barriers

The Guidelines for the Work Involved in Safeguarding Roadworks (RSA) and the Additional Technical Contract Conditions and Guidelines for Road Safety (ZTV-SA 97) stipulate that mobile road restraint systems are to be installed at roadworks on motorways to safeguard oncoming traffic, to prevent the risk of falling and to protect the construction site workers.

When it comes to temporary use in roadwork situations, the mobile crash barriers by Peter Berghaus GmbH fulfil the requirements for all customary fields of application at motorway roadworks pursuant to DIN EN 1317 part 1 and part 2. Our good logistics services are well organised so that these can be both sold and hired throughout Europe.


ProTec 161 – the slim H1/W3 mobile crash barrier.

ProTec 80 – the efficient crash barrier.

ProTec 50 City – ideally designed for urban use.

ProTec Exit 120 – the mobile crash barrier can be opened quickly and simply without additional tools.

ProTec Exit 50 – quick access for emergency services.



ProTec 50 City –
for safe urban roadworks.

ProTec 50 –
the lightweight crash barrier.

ProTec 80 –
the efficient crash barrier.

ProTec 100 –
our Bestseller.

ProTec 120 –
the compact crash barrier.

ProTec 121 –
with an outstanding effective range.

ProTec 160 –
for high roadwork safety.

ProTec 161 –
the slim H1/W3 mobile crash barrier.

ProTec Exit 50 –
quick access for emergency services.

ProTec Exit 120 –
quick access for emergency services.