Successful testing of mobile crash barrier systems

ProTec – Certification

All our mobile crash barrier systems have been successfully tested and evaluated by recognised European test institutes. We have also had all impact tests assessed by the BASt (Federal Highway Research Institute in Bergisch Gladbach). Since 1999, all mobile steel crash barrier systems complying with containment levels T1 and T2 have to undergo a KLB test (tipping length limitation test). This test examines the behaviour of the steel crash barrier in terms of the domino effect. 


Mobile crash barriers in roadworks clearly enhance traffic safety.

ProTec: High protection effect - optimum containment levels


ProTec 50 City –
for safe urban roadworks.

ProTec 50 –
the lightweight crash barrier.

ProTec 100 –
our Bestseller.

ProTec 120 –
the compact crash barrier.

ProTec 121 –
with an outstanding effective range.

ProTec 160 –
for high roadwork safety.

ProTec Exit 50 –
quick access for emergency services.

ProTec Exit 120 –
quick access for emergency services.