• ProTec Exit 120

Fast tool-free access for emergency services – successfully tested as T3!

ProTec Exit 120 – quick access for emergency services.

Mobile road restraint systems at roadworks, such as our narrow, high-containment ProTec family of crash barriers, prevent road users from leaving the carriageway and colliding with oncoming traffic, while also providing safe working conditions on site.

To keep vehicles moving at roadworks, it may be necessary to take the traffic through a lane on the oncoming carriageway because the actual directional carriageway is being resurfaced.

In order to keep the contraflow traffic reliably separated, the individual crash barrier elements are combined by force-fit connections and, depending on the length of the roadworks, they will often stretch over several kilometers.

But in an emergency, it is frequently necessary to provide rapid access to the scene of an accident for the fire brigade, emergency services and police particularly in such special traffic flow areas in order to provide effective help and assistance even in the confined roadworks situation.

With the ProTec Exit 120 – quick access for emergency services – the mobile crash barrier can be opened quickly and simply without additional tools. Just a couple of simple actions are all it takes to release the force-fit connection by hand and open the mobile crash barrier easily like two large gates.

This produces a generous quick-access opening for emergency services in just a few seconds!

More information about ProTec Exit 120

ProTec Exit 120 can be mounted at any point in the road layout and fits in perfectly as a compatible member of the ProTec family. Reflecting visual signs clearly indicate the start and end of the ProTec Exit 120 quick-action opening in the crash barrier even at night or during poor weather conditions. In closed condition, it has a force-fit connection which can be quickly opened by hand in an emergency to create a wide opening for the emergency services to drive through. In the standard version, ProTec-Tor 120 with its two fully hinged gates of five meters each produces an opening of altogether ten meters. 

The ProTec Exit 120 is recommended for use in lengthy 4:0 or 3:1 road layouts at repeated intervals along the crash barrier which can often be several kilometers long. It can also be retrofitted to mobile ProTec crash barriers that have already been installed on site by simply replacing the corresponding elements on the spot. The large gates of the ProTec Exit 120 which can be opened without tools are ideal not only as quick access for the emergency services: in special cases they can naturally also be used by the police to swiftly guide traffic away from the confined roadworks through this large emergency opening.

Technical data ProTec Exit 120

Test conditions as per DIN EN 1317-2

Acceptance test: TB21/TB41
Test vehicle: PKW / LKW
Weight: 1,3t/10t
Impact angle: 8°/ 8°
Speed: 80 km/h / 70 km/h
Test date: 28.+ 29.11.2018

System description

Material: steel and concrete
Height: 0,60 m
Opening: 10 m (two fully hinged gates)
Structural width: 0,30 m
Planning width: 0,12 m

ProTec Exit 120 fulfils the requierments for containment level T3 pursuant to DIN EN 1317

Dilatation element with fitted handle.

Dilatation element with fitted handle.

Simply pull the bolt and push open for quick access.

Simply pull the bolt and push open for quick access.


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