ProTec 161 –  the slim H1/W3 mobile crash barrier.

ProTec 161 is a slim road restraint system – successfully tested according to DIN EN 1317 with an effective range of W3 for containment levels N2, H1 and L1.

By modifying ProTec 160 with patented connecting elements and a novel central stand, ProTec 161 was created: a slim crash barrier system, suitable for temporary use on construction sites. ProTec 161 passed the test in accordance with DIN EN 1317 and boasts a very small effective range W3 on containment levels N2, H1 and L1, i. e. more powerful restraint.

Improvement of a tested solution: Higher containment level and a smaller effective range.

Containment level L1 with effective range W3 is a solid supplement of the portfolio particularly for the European market. In order to obtain the improved ProTec 161, the standard elements of the tried-and-true ProTec 160 were connected with newly developed central stands that are force-fit and screwed to the 10-metre elements with two additional central bases. This minimizes the pressure the crash barrier puts on the contact surfaces, sustainably protecting road surfaces.

The elements of ProTec 160 have been approved for the list of mobile crash barrier in accordance with TL-TS of the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) since 2010.

An overview of the advantages of ProTec 161:

• Successful test according to DIN EN 1317 on containment levels N2, H1 and L1
• Narrow width of 25 cm – only little space required
• Reflectors mounted in a way that shields them from impacts
• Very permeable
• No risk of aquaplaning or compilation of dirt
• The rubber-padded stands protect the road surface
• Quick and easy mounting
• Transition elements available for all ProTec systems
• Light-weight, therefore a large transportation volume possible

Technical data ProTec 161

Containment level: N 2 H 1 L 1
Effective range: W 3 W 3 W 3
ASI value: B B B
Structural width: 0,25 m    
Height: 0,80 m    
Element length: 10 m    
Minimum installation length: 126 cm    
Ground anchoring: yes (only at the start)    
Weight per m: 315 kg    

Test conditions as per DIN EN 1317-2

Acceptance test: TB 11 / TB 32 TB 11 / TB 42
Test vehicle: PKW / PKW PKW / LKW
Weight: 0,9 t / 1,5 t 0,9 t / 10 t
Impact angle: 20 ° / 20 ° 20 °/ 15 °
Speed: 100 km/h /
110 km/h
100 km/h /
70 km/h
Standard element 10 Meter

Standard element 10 Meter


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